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Bella Sayag resides in Bethesda, MD. where she has been a hairstylist at New Wave Salon for the past 25 years.  She is the youngest of nine children born to parents who migrated from Morocco to Israel.  When Bella was nine, her family came to the United States for a visit, and ended up settling permanently.  It was quite a culture shock!  Not speaking a word of English, the transition was extremely difficult.  The languages spoken in her home were Hebrew, French, and Arabic, which are all still spoken among her family today.  


Learning the English language wasn't a barrier for Bella.  Speaking to her now, one would never guess that English is her fourth language!  She was accepted to college with ambitions of becoming a child psychiatrist, but being the last of nine children, money was tight and she understood early on the tremendous pressure placed on her parents.  Instead, she followed in her family's footsteps and became a hairdresser, attending cosmetology school during the day and working at the salon at night to pay for her tuition.  Remarkably, she is the 20th member of her family to work in the hair and beauty industry.


Bella's expertise has landed numerous Washington D.C. area TV personalities in her salon chair during her 25 year career.  The list includes Carol Castello, Alexandria Steele, Jill Sorenson, Pat Michael, Brian Wilson, Michelle Snyder, (sister of Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder), and the late George Michael, (NBC Sports Machine), among others.


If warmth, heart, determination, intelligence, and infectious laughter could all be crammed into one tiny package, that would be Bella.  She's a ball of energy that fires in fifty different directions all at once, and easily conquers all.  Her impressively diverse talents enable her to thrive just as easily in front of the camera as she does behind it.  Bella has worked behind the scenes styling models' clothing and hair for various photo shoots, but then she decided to step in front of the camera herself!  She ventured into modeling as a hobby because it provided her a creative outlet in which to express herself, while also utilizing her experience, and passion for the beauty industry.  As a proud mother of two, she was blown away when major magazines and clothing boutiques immediately began to approach her after seeing her photos.


Bella constantly evolves and challenges herself, always trying new things and expanding her carefully cultivated skill sets.  One avenue that brings her tremendous joy is helping a friend or a business she believes in, to spread their message.  She has used her marketing savvy to successfully help a colleague promote his successful chain of hotels and restaurants in both Miami and Washington D.C.  When Bella truly believes in a brand, she morphs into an unmerciful pitbulll of promotion.  She is always on the lookout for fabulous finds that she can share with others.  


The deep connections that Bella forges with people underlie all of her passionate pursuits...from styling, to modeling, to marketing.  She tries to learn and grow every day, guided by the unwavering belief that anything can be achieved through hard work. 



At age 45 Bella has now cultivated all of her experiences, and is venturing to bring her passion for fashion to you by opening Bella Sena Boutique.  

Bella Sena Boutique is a one stop shopping experience offering everything from hats and jewelry, to bags, dresses, and jeans.  Come visit Bella Sena Boutique on line, or in our store at 10 North Washington Street in the Rockville Town Center.  

 Bella Sayag

 Owner / Manager

 Bella Sena Boutique